Venice Receptive Service Srl
trading as
Destination Italy

Venice Receptive Service Srl (V.R.S. Srl) t/a Destination Italy (referred to in the agreement as ‘we, us or our’) acts as a disclosed agent for our registered office is at San Marco 4590, 30124 Venezia, VE Italy.
Please read these terms and conditions carefully before making any booking, as they contain important information about your rights and obligations and you will be bound by them.
These booking conditions, in conjunction with the information set out on our website, and your voucher form the entire agreement between ourselves and yourselves and cover all bookings made through V.R.S. Srl, including bookings made on the Destination Italy website.

1.1 Please read these terms and conditions carefully before making your booking. By making a booking with us, you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions as they may be modified and posted on our web site from time to time as well as other information contained in the website and shown on your vouchers.
1.2 If you do not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions then regrettably you may not place an order via our website

2.1 To place an order you must follow the ordering procedures set out on the order page of our website. All orders must be placed at least 48 hours in advance of your requested service. Exclusively in the case of ‘bookings on the day’ orders, at least 2 hours in advance of your requested service. It is your responsibility to ensure that information you have provided to us are complete and accurate. Correction of any errors made during the booking process will be subject to our Changes and Cancellations policy (clause 5).
2.2 We are entitled to refuse any order placed by you. We do not guarantee to successfully allocate every booking request. In the event that we are unable to allocate your booking request, we will send an email to advise you of that fact. An alternative may be offered which may include additional charges. We will acknowledge your booking request by issuing a booking voucher to the e-mail address you have given us upon ordering. Details will only be provided if your booking is successfully allocated. Subject to clauses 3.3, 4 and 5, the order will then be fulfilled on the date set out in the booking voucher.
2.3 You confirm that all details you provide to us for the purpose of purchasing the Service will be correct, that the credit or debit card which you use is your own and that there are sufficient funds or credit facilities to cover the cost of the Service. We reserve the right to obtain validation of your credit or debit card details before providing you with the Service. If validation cannot be obtained and payment is not made, we reserve the right to cancel the booking without performing the requested Service.
2.4 For bookings that are successfully allocated, a voucher will be produced with all details of purchased service. It is your responsibility to check the details of your booking on the voucher prior to travel and inform us if there are any errors. Destination Italy cannot be held responsible if the details entered at the time of placing your request are incorrect. You must present this to the guide at the start of your service. We can refuse the transfer if your booking voucher is not shown.
2.5 Disabilities and Medical Problems: If you or any member of your party has any medical problem or disability which may affect your service, please provide us with full details before we confirm your booking so that we can advise as to the suitability of your chosen arrangements if possible. Please inform us at the time of booking if any of the passengers are wheelchair users. Please also inform us as to whether the wheelchair is collapsible and the dimensions, so that we can ensure that correct arrangements are taken ito meet your needs.
2.6 Child Seats: As per the EU directive 2003/20/EC the following applies:
Children must use the correct child seat until they are 135cm tall or age 12 (whichever they reach first). They then must wear an adult seatbelt. It is the driver’s responsibility to see that children are restrained correctly. However, there is an exemption for licensed vehicles, which can still carry children even if the correct child seat is not available. This only applies if they are not deemed mandatory by local legislature. If you are in any doubt then please contact the relevant supplier.
Licensed vehicles are subject to the following rules:
  • Children under three, if in a licensed taxi/vehicle may travel unrestrained in the rear if no child seat is available.
  • For children aged three and above, they must use an adult seatbelt, if no child seat is available or taken.

Please note it is the customer’s responsibility to advise Destination Italy in advance should child seats be required; these are not automatically added to the reservation. There may be an additional charge.

2.7 Shuttles: there will be no charge for children under 3 years of age (providing they sit on an adults lap, and do not occupy the front seats of the vehicle). Children aged 3 years and above always count as a passenger, occupy a seat and must be booked and paid for in full. Any Infants aged 2 years or under must be advised at time of booking to ensure they will be provided a seat.
2.8 Vehicle Type and description: please note when booking a transfer, this can be any type from a (limited) range of vehicles depending on destination, and we do not state the exact vehicle type you may receive.
Special note: Changes to and errors in advertised and confirmed prices and other website details sometimes occur. You must check the price of your chosen service at the time of booking.
3.1 Details of the prices for the Service, and the procedures for payment and delivery are displayed on our website. The applicable price of any Service is the price displayed on our website at the date and time of your order. The price of any Service on our website may change before you place an order. We try to ensure that our prices displayed on our website are accurate but the price on your order will need to be validated by us as part of the acceptance procedure (see clause 3.2 below).
3.2 We will inform you if a Service’s correct price is higher than that stated in your order and you may cancel the order and decide whether or not to order the Service at the correct price. If you cancel the order, you will receive a refund of all monies you have paid.
3.3 Prices quoted are per vehicle – except in the case of shuttle transfers where per person rates are quoted.
3.4 You must pay by credit or debit card at the time of order as set out on the order page of our website. The cards we accept are set out on the order page of our website.
If you have any special requests, please let us know at the time of booking. We will endeavour to satisfy all such requests, however we cannot guarantee that they will be met and we will have no liability to you if they are not. 

Any amendments that need to be made to the booking are subject to the availability and may incur additional charges. Amendments can be made directly online up to 3 days prior to the first (or only).

We will inform you as soon as reasonably possible if we need to make a significant change to your confirmed Services or to cancel them. We will also use all reasonable efforts to find alternative suitable Services for you at no extra cost, but we will have no further liability to you.
7.1 We act as a booking agent. As such, we accept no responsibility for the actual provision of services. Our responsibilities are limited to publishing information on our website about the Services the Suppliers supply; passing on reservation information to Suppliers and informing you of any enforced changes to the terms of your booking. We accept no responsibility for any information about the transfers that we pass on to you in good faith. We accept no liability for any illness, injury, death or loss of any kind. This includes loss, damage or theft of any luggage or personal belonging you or your party may be carrying. Any claim for loss, injury, illness or death should be pursued with the Supplier directly or may be covered under the terms of your insurance. We only accept liability to you for claims which arise solely as a result of our own negligence.
7.2 Descriptions of services provided are taken from information provided to us by the Supplier and we do not accept responsibility for any inaccuracies in such information, nor can liability be accepted for changes to facilities which are not communicated to us by the Supplier.
7.3 In the event that we are found liable to you on any basis whatsoever, our maximum liability to you is limited to twice the cost of your booking (or the appropriate proportion of this if not everyone on the booking is affected). We do not exclude or limit any liability for death or personal injury that arises as a result of our negligence or that of any of our employees whilst acting in the course of their employment.
Force majeure means that neither we will pay you compensation if we have to cancel or change any Service because of unforeseeable circumstances beyond our or the Supplier’s control. These can include, but are not limited to, accidents and related delays, unplanned marches, demonstrations and organised disruption, police operations, unforeseen road hazards, terrorist activity and its consequences or the threat of such activity, riot, the act of any government or other national or local authority, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions or other similar events outside our control.
9.1 It is your responsibility to travel with the booking voucher which lists service instructions and all of the relevant local contact numbers in the event of an emergency and local office reconfirmation hours and contact number. This is made clear on your booking voucher and on the website. We will not accept any responsibility for any loss of Service or other loss should you not travel with your booking voucher.
9.2 If your flight is diverted, we recommend that you contact our 24 hour helpline as soon as possible as they may be able to assist you in finding alternative transfer arrangements. Please note that we will not be liable to pay for such alternative arrangements. Subject to their terms and conditions, it is the responsibility of the airline to transport you to your original destination airport.
10.1 If you encounter a problem with your Service, please inform the Guide or call us using the numbers given to you on your booking voucher, and we will immediately endeavour to investigate the matter with the guide on your behalf and put things right. Failure to notify us or the guide concerned of your complaint at this stage will affect our ability to investigate the matter complained of, and your rights under the contract.
10.2 If you have any service issues upon your return, in relation to services booked with us, you should direct them to us email at or by post to Destination Italy, San Marco 4590, 30124 Venezia, VE Italy. We will liaise with the Supplier and endeavour to resolve all service issues within 28 days of notification.
10.3 Please note that any complaints must be received in writing within 28 days of the return booking date. (If an outbound transfer only – then within 28 days of this date).
11.1 If you wish to rely on any variations to these terms and conditions, you should ensure that such variations are agreed with us in writing as soon as possible.
11.2 We may transfer or subcontract any or all of our rights and obligations under these terms and conditions at any time.
11.3 We may alter these terms and conditions from time to time and post the new version on our website, following which all use of our website will be governed by the new version. You must check the terms and conditions on the website regularly. The terms governing the purchase of any Service will be the terms in place at the time of your order.
11.4 A person who is not a party to our agreement has no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of either agreement but this does not affect any right or remedy of another party which exists or is available apart from that Act.
11.5 If any provision or term of these terms and conditions shall become or be declared illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any reason whatsoever, such term or provision shall be deleted but all other terms will remain valid.
11.6 Our terms and conditions and your use of our web site are governed by the Italian Laws, and in the event of any dispute under our contract, you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Venice Court.
11.7 Failure by either party to exercise any right or remedy under this agreement does not constitute a waiver of that right or remedy.
11.8 These terms and conditions, together with the privacy policy, any order form and payment method instructions, if any, replace all other terms and conditions previously applicable to the use of our website.
12.1 You represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old.
12.2 You represent and warrant that you (a) own and control all rights, title and interest in and to the Content you license or that you otherwise have all rights, permissions and consents necessary to post and use such Content (including, but not limited to, the right to use names, images and likenesses of any third party referenced or appearing in the Content); (b) have all rights necessary to provide V.R.S Srl and its affiliates, agents, representatives, licensees and assigns with the license and rights set forth in Section 4 below; and (c) have complied with all applicable laws and regulations associated with acquiring and/or producing the Content. For the purposes of this Agreement, “Content” means photographs, text, graphics, moving images, sound, illustrations or any other materials (including any associated metadata or location information) (collectively, “Content”). For purposes of clarification, Content also includes any profile information you allow Destination Italy to access from third party social media platforms (such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) in accordance with the authorisation procedures determined by the platform.
12.3 You hereby grant to Destination Italy a nonexclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable and fully sublicensable license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform and publicly display the Content you submit, in whole or in part, on Destination Italy’s social media accounts, on or in any digital platforms of Destination Italy (including websites, apps and e-mail), and on third-party websites and apps for any purpose, including for promotional and publicity purposes. For purposes of clarification and not limitation, (a) this license includes, and you expressly consent to, Destination Italy’s right to use and publicly display your name, image, likeness and persona; and (b) nothing in this license transfers your ownership of the Content to Destination Italy. Nothing in this license requires Destination Italy to use or publish your Content in any specific way or on a specific platform or use or publish your Content at all.
12.4 Any statements, remarks or claims contained or depicted in your Content will reflect your honest views and experiences. When referencing or depicting brands, products or services in your Content, you further agree to disclose any material connections you may have with Destination Italy or other third-party brands or sellers (such as if you are an employee, paid blogger or recipient of free products/services). You also agree to provide supporting information or documentation related to these statements, remarks, claims, views and experiences at Destination Italy’s request.
12.5 You understand that you will not be paid for Destination Italy’s use of your Content as described in this License Agreement. Each of us will bear our own expenses associated with this License Agreement.
12.6 You agree to take any actions (including execution of documents) reasonably requested by Destination Italy to effect, perfect or evidence the representations and/or licenses and rights set forth in this License Agreement.
12.7 You agree that you will not submit Content that:
  • infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other intellectual or proprietary right of another;
  • includes material that is unlawful, libellous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, indecent, lewd, suggestive, violent, harassing, threatening, abusive, inflammatory, fraudulent or otherwise objectionable;
  • displays, describes or encourages the use of a product or service that could be offensive, inappropriate or harmful to Destination Italy or any other person or depicts the use of a product in a manner that is contrary to any instruction or warnings relating to the product;
  • impinges upon or violates the publicity, privacy or data protection rights of others;
  • or makes or includes false or misleading statements, claims or depictions about a person, company, product or service.
Without limiting the foregoing, you agree that in conjunction with the production of your Content, you have not inflicted emotional distress or abuse on other people, have not publicly humiliated other people, have not assaulted, stalked or threatened other people, have not entered onto private property without permission, have not impersonated any other person or misrepresented your affiliation, title, or authority, and have not otherwise engage in any activity that may result in injury, death, property damage, and/or liability of any kind. Destination Italy will reject and/or remove any Content in which Destination Italy believes, in its sole discretion, that any such activities have occurred.
12.8 To the fullest extent allowed by law, you agree to release, discharge and indemnify Destination Italy and its employees, contractors, sponsors or any other person acting under Destination Italy’s permission or authority, from any liability, claim, damage, judgement, cost, loss, expense (including reasonable solicitors’ fees), by virtue of any publication or use of the Content you submit or the name, image, likeness, persona or other information you provide in connection with such Content. You further agree to waive any rights to injunctive relief you may have in connection with this License Agreement.
12.9 This is the entire agreement between you and Destination Italy in relation to the Content you’re licensing. If a court finds any provision of this License Agreement to be unreasonable or unenforceable in any respect, you agree that this License Agreement will nonetheless be enforced to the maximum extent to which it is found by the court to be legally enforceable.
12.10 This License Agreement will be governed by applicable Italian Laws, without reference to its choice of law rules. Nothing herein will be interpreted as a waiver of Destination Italy’s rights to the Content under common law and statutes (such as rights of public domain and fair use).


Destination Italy is the trading name of Venice Receptive Service Srl whose registered number is 03435280270 and whose registered address is – San Marco 4590, 30124 Venice, Italy. At Destination Italy we are committed to protecting your privacy and take the responsibility over the security of our customers’ information very seriously. Here, we’ve outlined where and why we collect your personal information, how we use it, how we keep it secure and how you can access this data and delete it.
In order to process your booking we do require certain information. This will include the name of the person making the booking, billing address, mobile telephone number, email address, and your credit card details. We also need to establish your flight details, destination resort and accommodation. All of this information is collated, used and stored for different reasons, as shown below:
  • Your name, email address, mobile number
  • Your travel, flight and accommodation details
  • Your payment & billing details
  • Your responses to surveys and competitions on social media and our blogs
  • Your contact and purchase history with us
  • Information about your mobile device or computer when you visit our website/app
Destination Italy never shares your payment details with anyone. We collate – but do not store – your payment information solely for the purpose of making your booking. If you have booked via a Destination Italy affiliate site, then the affiliate has the right to request and receive your booking data, but not your payment data.
We send your trip and contact information to our review platform, Feefo, from which emails will be sent to request a review for your purchase or journey. This data is ONLY used for the purposes of these review request emails and nothing else. We may also ask our customers to post reviews on other platforms such as Trustpilot, Google Reviews and TripAdvisor but these do not involve the sharing of any contact or transaction details.
The only companies we share some of your information with are the suppliers involved with your transfer, and they will use the minimum of information ONLY for communications with you for that transfer. By using the website, you consent to the transfer of your personal information outside of the European Economic Area (where the service you book requires a non-EEA supplier to provide it).
Your browsing data may be shared with other advertising or affiliate partners who help us promote our business, but any data is anonymous and aggregated.
If you have booked via a Destination Italy affiliate website, then the affiliate has the right to request and receive your booking data, but not your payment data.
Other websites
There are several places on the Destination Italy website where you can link through to other websites. Once you click through onto another site, Destination Italy privacy practices no longer apply. We recommend you view privacy statements for all third party websites to understand their own policies for collecting and disclosing your information.
For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016 which superseded it in May 2018, we are a data controller. In order to process your booking we need to collect certain personal details from you. These will include, where applicable, the names and addresses of the party’s members, credit/debit card or other payment details and special requirements such as those relating to any disability or medical condition which may affect the chosen booking.
If we need any other personal details, we will tell you before we obtain them from you. In order to process your order we may share your information with our supplier(s) or other involved third party. We will provide only the personally identifiable information necessary to ensure the successful fulfilment of your travel arrangements.
We have appropriate security measures in place to protect the personal details you give us. We will not pass any information on to any company and/or organisation not responsible for providing any part of your travel arrangements. Where you provide us with personal details relating to any special requirements and/or details of any illnesses, disabilities or religious requirements, you consent to this information being passed onto any organisation or companies responsible for any part of your travel arrangements whether in the EEA or not. If we cannot pass this information to the relevant suppliers, we cannot process your booking. 
We are entitled to assume you do not object to our doing any of the things mentioned above unless you tell us otherwise in writing. You are generally entitled to ask us (by letter or email) what details of yours are being held or processed, for what purpose and to whom they may be or have been disclosed. We will charge a fee to respond to such a request. Please email us at In limited circumstances we are entitled to refuse your request. Except where expressly permitted by the General Data Protection Regulation, we will only deal with the personal details you give us as set out above unless you agree otherwise. 

If you’re aged under 18, you cannot make any bookings on our website – a parent, guardian or appropriate adult must book on your behalf.

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. Our cookies do not contain any personally identifying information. Cookies can be deleted from your hard drive if you wish. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change your browser settings to prevent that. Even without a cookie you can still use most of the features on the website.

By using the Destination Italy website and our affiliate sites, you consent to the collection and use of this information by Destination Italy in the ways outlined above. If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will post those changes on this page so that you are always aware of the information that we collect, how we use it and in what circumstances we disclose it.

We would like to hold your information (including email address and phone number(s)) for Destination Italy marketing purposes. You will be asked for your consent before any marketing takes place, and if specific consent is granted we may use your personal information to contact you by email, telephone, SMS, social media, electronic messaging or post – with information and/or offers on products, services, discounts or promotions (provided by us) that we think may be of interest to you. For marketing purposes your information will be stored within our email database. At any point you can refuse or opt out of marketing messages by simply clicking UNSUBSCRIBE on any of our emails, or contacting our Customer Support team at This does not include our automated pre-departure and post-departure emails and SMS messages, which are service-related and will help you with your trip).
Destination Italy have many trade partners who from time to time give us access to offers and promotions they may have running, allowing you to become one of the first to be notified of any great travel bargains. Where you’ve given us your permission to send you marketing emails, you give us prior authorisation to email these offers by registering on the website and can of course opt out by unsubscribing at any time.
We only store the minimum possible amount of personal information, which is required to process your booking and for contractual reasons. 90 days after your return from travel, we will delete personal details, including email address and phone number, keeping only the lead passenger name. The only exception here is when you’ve given us permission to send you offers and news by email, in which case we’d store your email address alongside your travel details until you unsubscribe, or request deletion of your personal information.
At any time, you have a right to request access to the data we hold about you, which we will provide free of charge within 30 days, unless requests are repetitive and excessive in which case we may charge a small administration fee. You have a right to update or delete your personal data. Of course you have a right to unsubscribe from our marketing emails at any time by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link in all of our emails, which will remove you from our mailing lists immediately.
This policy is dated 4th May 2018. We may change and improve this from time to time, at which point we will update the policy with the appropriate date.

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